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Welcome to our Quickshop system. If you already know want you want to buy, enter the quantities in the boxes and press buy to submit your whole shopping list the the checkout. You must have at least 1 item in the list to submit.


Orders over 95 have FREE delivery and orders over 175 receive a further 5% discount.

All orders despatched by courier only. 56.50 up to 20KG, 6.99 thereafter up to free delivery threshold.

Please allow 5 working days after order for delivery.


Mixed box 48x70g same price food
9022 Chicken Breast tin 48x70g
9083 Chicken Cheese tin 48x70g
9017 Chicken drumstick tin 48x70g
9016 Chicken Fillet tin 48x70g
9034 Chicken Pumpkin tin 48x70g
9024 Chicken Shrimps tin 48x70g
9018 Chicken Squid tin 48x70g
9028 Mackerel tin 48x70g
9026 Oceanfish tin 48x70g
9027 mixed Seafood tin 48x70g
9029 Salmon tin 48x70g
9032 Salmon Carrot tin 48x70g
9030 Salmon Chicken tin 48x70g
9027 mixed Seafood tin 48x70g
9036 Trout Tuna tin 48x70g
9020 Atlantic Tuna tin 48x70g
9026 Tuna Beef tin 48x70g
9080 Tuna Cheese tin 48x70g
9025 Tuna Chicken tin 48x70g
9045 Tuna Clams tin 48x70g
9033 Tuna SweetCorn tin 48x70g
9023 Tuna shrimp tin 48x70g
9019 Tuna squid tin 48x70g
9084 Tuna Whitebait tin 48x70g
9101 Veal tin 48x70g

Mixed box same price tins 48x70g
Kitten -Chicken tin 48x70g
Kitten - Tuna tin 48x70g
Pacific Tuna tin 48x70g
Senior Cat tin 48x70g

Mixed box same price tins 48x140g
Atlantic Tuna 48x140g
Chicken Breast tin 48x140g
Chicken Drumstick tin 48x140g
Chicken & Pumpkin tin 48x140g
Trout tin 48x140g
Bonito Tuna 48x140g
Tuna & Chicken 48x140g
Tuna & Ham 48x140g
Tuna & Shrimp 48x140g
Tuna & Whitebait 48x140g

5250 Cuisine Chicken Crab 24x70g
5251 Cuisine Chick Pumpkin 24x70g
5252 Cuisine Salmon Tuna 24x70g
5253 Cuisine Tuna Seaweed 24x70g
5254 Cuisine Tuna Lobster 24x70g

5057 Jelly Chicken 24x70g
5047 Jelly Chicken Cheese 24x70g
5048 Jelly Chicken Egg 24x70g
5056 Jelly Tuna 24x70g
5049 Jelly Tuna Cheese 24x70g
5058 Jelly Tuna Chicken 24x70g
5053 Jelly Tuna Egg 24x70g
5035 Jelly Tuna Meat Beef 24x70g
5038 Jelly Tuna Sole 24x70g
5042 Jelly Tuna Venison 24x70g
5055 Jelly Tuna Whitebait 24x70g

Mixed Box Light 48x50g
5400 Light Chicken 48x70g
5405 Light Skipjack Tuna 48x70g
5406 Light Tongol Tuna 48x70g

601 Holistic Lamb & Rice 6x400g
602 Holistic Duck & Rice 6x400g
603 Holistic Venison & Rice 6x400g
604 Holistic Fish & Rice 6x400g
605 Holistic Chicken & Rice 6x400g
606 Holistic Salmon Rice 6x400g
607 Holistic Turkey Rice 6x400g
611 Holistic Kitten Chicken 6x400g
612 Holistic Kitten Salmon 6x400g

621 Holistic Lamb & Rice 2x2Kg
622 Holistic Duck & Rice 2x2Kg
623 Holistic Venison & Rice 2x2Kg
624 Holistic Fish & Rice 3x2Kg
625 Holistic Chicken & Rice 3x2Kg
626 Holistic Salmon Rice 3x2Kg
627 Holistic Turkey Rice 3x2Kg
631 Holistic Kitten Chicken 3x2Kg
632 Holistic Kitten Salmon 6x400g

5500 Chicken Fillet tin 24x95
5501 Salmon tin 24x95g
5502 Tuna & Beef 24x95g
5503 Tuna tin 24x95g
5505 Sole tin 24x95g
5506 Trout tin 24x95g

5010 Tuna tin 24x400g
5012 Tuna&Chicken tin 24x400g
5014Puppy TunaChicken 400g