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Discount priced Almo Nature cat food and dog food from crystal clear pet products tel: 01782 520376 www.catfood-direct.com Almo Nature Rouge Label Cat Food Factsheet
almo nature cat nutritional information
almo nature dog nutritional information
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Almo Nature Rouge Label

recipes contain ingredients fit for human consumption, but not intended for human use for commercial reasons.

The addition of minerals and vitamins completes the nutritional profile..

Almo Nature Rouge Label - click on icon to buy24 x 55g
12 x 55g
Chicken Fillet and Cheese Rouge Label Cat Food Pouch

Chicken Fillet and Sunmi Rouge Label Cat Food Pouch

Tuna Fillet and Seaweed Rouge Label Cat Food Pouch

Tuna and Sole Fillets Rouge Label Cat Food Pouch

Almo Nature Rouge Label Cat Food Key benefits

  • Freshly caught fish from the sea no farmed fish

  • Real meat from free-range farms no hormones or antibiotics are used in rearing

  • In order to preserve the valuable nutrients, the meat is prepared and gently cooked, using purely mechanical means, without chemical processes.

  • Preserved in its own stock to retain all the nutrients and the great taste.

  • No chemical additives or colouring

  • Enriched with valuable NATURAL vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy diet

  • Complete food for cats

Almo Nature Nutritional Advice for cats A cats' digestive system is suited to optimally assimilating and using proteins. In the natural state, cats would eat prey such as mice, birds and fish as sources of proteins and fats (as well as fibre and other nutrients contained in their own digestive system).

For an optimal nutritional balance, Almo Nature recommends feeding cats all types of meat and fish in moist and dry food (60% and 40% of the total volume, respectively), by feeding them on complementary and complete foods. Green, Rouge, Azul and Orange always ensure the Almo Nature quality and are consistent with our nutritional advice.