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Discount priced Almo Nature cat food and dog food from crystal clear pet products tel: 01782 520376 www.catfood-direct.comAlmo Nature cat food and dog food from their point of view
almo nature cat nutritional information
almo nature dog nutritional information
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Almo Biopate


Bio Paté is prepared with meat and selected by-products. 100% of ingredients of farm origin (meat, cereals and vegetables) come from organic farms and nurseries. The sourcing of ingredients from organic farms is a guarantee that no pesticides have been used and that no chemical residues are present in food. In this way, in addition to feeding your cat healthy food, you are also contributing to conserving the environment.

almo nature cat food biopate chicken & vegetable almo nature cat food biopate beef and vegetable almo nature cat food biopate veal and vegetable almo nature cat food biopate beef chicken

This line is packaged in practical and convenient single-portion pouches (70g)

Feeding tips

  • Within the alternated diet regime recommended by Almo Nature - 60% wet food and 40% dry foods - varying the wet food recipes means that you can vary the protein sources (made up of one or more types of meat or fish), and provide your cat with all the nutrients that he requires while respecting his individual tastes;

  • Bio Patè can also be used in alternation with other wet and dry food lines;

  • The consistency of this product makes it suitable for cats that have problems chewing more solid foods.