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Discount priced Almo Nature cat food and dog food from crystal clear pet products tel: 01782 520376 Almo Nature cat food and dog food from their point of view
almo nature cat nutritional information
almo nature dog nutritional information
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Thank you for viewing our independent, online discount store for Almo Nature cat food direct . Crystal Clear Pet Products Ltd supply foods from Almo Nature – the world’s largest, natural, pet food company - direct from our warehouses to your door at well below the recommended retail price.

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Cats are carnivores and their natural prey are mice, small rodents and birds all of which which have a moisture content of 70-80%. Since this makes up most of the moisture needed for living, cats lack the instinct to drink water. Domestic cats risk not taking in enough water if they are only fed on dry cat food. Almo Nature therefore recommend you always provide wet cat food and a bowl of water along with dry cat food.  Click on images for extended product range.

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almo nature natural tinned cat food almo nature cuisine cat food pouch almo nature jelly cat food pouch almo nature holistic croquettes cat and kitten food almo nature daily menu cat food has no addition of supplementary minerals, vitamins or additives

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The manufacturer Almo Nature uses premium quality ingredients to formulate cat food and dog food based on the needs of the animals and their well being. Developed from their point of view, you might say. For more nutritional information click on 'Cats' or 'Dogs' above or on product images.

Free delivery for orders over £95, further 5% discount for orders over £175. All breeders, catteries, kennels and multiple pet households automatically benefit with this discount on large orders.

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